How do I register for HOM Teal Strides?
Online registration is available on this website. Or you can register by calling the MOCA office at (612) 822-0500 or in-person at our office.

Online registration closes on September 14th.

Will day-of registration be available?
Yes. Depending on availability, day of registration will be available first-come, first-serve

May I register other people online?
You may only register members of your immediate family who are under the age of 18, and you may do so using your email address for each of them. Anyone who is not a family member or who is over 18 must register themselves with a unique email address. 

May I use my login credentials from previous years?
Yes! Your login credentials for 2016 will work on this page.

How do I import my contacts?
First, login to your Participant Center. Next, click on the link that says, “Add Contacts to your Address Book.” Click on the button that says “Import Contacts” and select the type of email service you use, or choose to upload a .csv file, then click “Next.” Select the contacts you want to import, then click “Next.” Click “Finished” to complete the process. 


Where can I make or turn in a donation?
Donations can be made online, mailed, or turned in the day of the event at the check-in table. Mail checks to:

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

4604 Chicago Avenue

Minneapolis, Minn. 55407

How can I make sure the donation I’m sending will be credited to my team?
Please include the name of the participant you are supporting in the memo area of the check. If you are supporting a team more generally, please include the team name in the memo area, and be aware that team donations are credited to the team captain for bookkeeping purposes. You may also make a general donation to HOM Teal Strides.

My donation didn’t go through, or isn’t showing up on the webpage. What should I do?
Please be patient. Donations typically take a couple of hours to show up on the website. If you have already waited to see if it will display, contact Kirstie at 612-822-0500! We want to make sure all of your hard work and generous donations show up on your page within a reasonable amount of time. 

My donation was applied to the wrong person. What should I do?
If your donation is showing on the website, but it is not credited to the intended participant, please email or call us, and we will be happy to fix it (email Kirstie at or call her at 612-822-0500). 

My registration fee didn’t show up as part of my fundraising total. Is it a tax-deductible donation?
Your registration fee will be used to support MOCA and our research funding, support and programming -100 percent. However, because the participant is “getting” event registration in exchange, the fee is not tax deductible, and won’t count towards a fundraising total. This is still an important contribution, and we are so glad to have you registered for the event. 

What information will I be able to keep for next year?
All the information (text, photos, contacts, and anything else) on your Personal Fundraising Page will be stored there for next year. Please move anything you would like to keep onto your Personal Page from your Team Page.   


More information coming soon,

Any other questions? Email Kirstie at or call 612-822-0500.